Premises licence

Do I need this licence?

A Premise Licence is required by anyone who intends to carry on the business of permanent alcohol sales on their premises.

If you are only operating for a short time (eg catering a wedding reception) you need an Occasional licence. If you intend a permanent business but your premises have not been built or are in the course of construction or conversion, you need a Provisional premises licence.

How to apply

Before you apply please read our Premises Licence guidance notes (Word, 213kb). These notes explain how to complete the application form and the policies and legislation surrounding this licence. We recommend you obtain legal advice before applying.

Complete and return a Premises Licence Application Form (Word, 64kb) along with:

  1. Operating Plan (Word, 69kb) – how the premises will operate
  2. Layout Plan – 8 copies of the physical layout of the premise
  3. the following Section 50 certificates,

You will always need Certificates for Planning and Building Standards Certificate. You need a Food Hygiene Certificate (FHC) if food is to be supplied on the Premises.

Do I need a Food Hygiene Certificate?

"Food" includes:

  • drink
  • substances of no nutritional value which are used for human consumption
  • chewing gum
  • substances used as ingredients in the preparation of food

The following Premises need a Food Hygiene Certificate:

  • shops where food is sold for off-sales consumption, eg a shop at the end of a distribution chain, supplying food prepared elsewhere or sealed packages or tins containing food, without the staff directly handling the food
  • some hot food shops (eg chip shops or kebab shops) where the food is prepared and served on the Premises but the food is taken away by customers and consumed elsewhere
  • restaurants, public houses and other eat-in Premises where food is prepared, served and consumed on the Premises.

Disabled access and facilities statement

You must include a Disabled access facilities statement (Word, 38kb).


There are 2 fees for this licence:

  1. The initial application fee is paid based on the rateable value of the premises. If your application is refused the fee is not refunded or reduced.
  2. After the Licence is granted, you must pay an annual fee. This is also related to rateable value.

What happens next?

Application details will be entered onto the Licensing Register. Applications are considered at a Licensing Board Meeting.

We consult with Police Scotland, the Health Board, the Community Council and council departments, and notify neighbours within 4 metres of the proposed premises. Your application will be advertised on this website for 21 days to allow members of the public to make any objections or representations.

Please note: it may take 2 to 3 months to process your application. If you haven’t heard from the Licensing Office within a reasonable period please contact us.

Does the licence have any conditions?

The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 is available on the UK Government website.

Your Licence will have the mandatory conditions in Schedule 3 to the Act. These apply all over Scotland. In addition, North Ayrshire Licensing Board has approved local conditions. These are available from our Licensing Board page.

View North Ayrshire Licensing Board Agendas and Minutes.

Please note: We follow National Fraud Initiative guidelines to protect against fraud.

Contact Licensing



01294 324305

Please note: this telephone line is not currently in use however, Licensing staff are able to phone customers who request a call. Requests can be made either via the Contact Centre (01294 310000) or by emailing the Licensing email address detailed above.


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