Personal licence

If you're a Personal Licence holder, you should contact a training provider now to arrange a training course. View more information on renewals (PDF, 217kb).

A Personal Licence, issued by a Licensing Board, allows an individual to supervise, or authorise, the sale of alcohol. It is a mandatory condition of a Premises Licence that there should be a Premises Manager, and that he/she should have a valid Personal Licence. 

How to apply

Applicants must:

  • be 18 years of age, or over
  • hold a licensing qualification/training certificate from an accredited trainer, such as the SQA Scottish Certificate for Personal License Holders.

Complete a Personal licence application form (Word, 32kb).

Return it to us with:

  • 2 photographs of yourself - one of these must be endorsed as a true likeness by a person of standing in the community
  • the original certificate showing the appropriate licensing qualification
  • £50 licence fee (cheques payable to North Ayrshire Council).


Personal licence fee application or renewal: £50

If your Application is refused, the fee will not be refunded.

What happens next?

The Licensing Board will provide Police Scotland with a notice of the application. Police Scotland must respond with a notice stating that, so far as they are aware, the applicant has not been convicted of a relevant or foreign offence, or with a notice specifying the applicant’s convictions for any such offences. In the event that the latter notice is provided, the application must be considered by the Licensing Board. 

In all other cases applications can be granted under 'delegated powers'. This means that the decision to grant the Licence is made by a designated officer of the Council.

How long does the licence last?

If granted, this licence lasts for 10 years from the date of issue, unless revoked earlier by the Licensing Board. Licences can be renewed. 

Please note:

  • refresher training must be undertaken every 5 years
  • we follow National Fraud Initiative guidelines to protect against fraud.

Personal Licence Refresher Training

The following information does not take account of the particular circumstances of an individual case. You should take independent legal advice. The Board does not warrant that the view of the Law shown here will be shared by the Courts.

The Law

  1. All Personal Licence Holders must be trained initially. Thereafter, they must obtain refresher training at intervals of five years. The required refresher qualification is 'the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (Refresher) at SCQF Level 6'.
  2. Each holder must, no later than 3 months after that 5 year period expires, give the Board the original Refresher Certificate. 
    Please note: each individual Personal Licence holder will have 2 specific deadlines for the competent completion of the Refresher Training requirements detailed at 1 and 2 above. If both requirements are not met by the specific deadlines the Board is legally required to revoke the Licence: Section 87(3).
  3. There is no hearing before the Licence is revoked, the Board has no discretion and cannot allow more time. 

Individuals that have had their licence revoked, due to the training rules, have the option to reapply immediately as the 5 year bar is no longer in force.

Individuals who are considering re-application or who have any other queries regarding Personal Licence Refresher training should contact the Licensing Department for further information.

Important: it is a mandatory condition of a Premises Licence that there should be a Premises Manager, and that he/she should have a valid Personal Licence. There are a few exceptions. If the licence conditions are breached then the Police may charge anyone selling alcohol, and the Board may Review the Premises Licence (potentially revoking or suspending it).

Revoked Personal Licenses

Please see the undernoted list of Personal Licences granted by North Ayrshire Licensing Board which have been revoked due to the licence holders not having complied with the legal requirement to produce a certificate of refresher training to the Board within the required period.

Revoked Personal Licences (PDF, 170kb)