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Report a missing or deceased animal

Sadly, sometimes our Streetscene department are asked to attend to a deceased animal.

Reporting a missing animal

If you would like to check whether we have collected a deceased animal, please complete the following form:

Ask us about a missing animal

Reporting a deceased animal

If you wish to advise us of a deceased animal to be collected, please complete our fly tipping form. Select 'Fly Tipping' then 'Animal Carcass' as the waste type.

Identifying a deceased animal

Having attended to a deceased animal, staff would scan the animal for an identification chip. If a chip is found, we use the online system to identify the owner.

We offer to either:

  • deliver the animal to the owner
  • facilitate collection from a local depot

If no chip is found, we will keep the animal for a few days. If no reports are received, we would then dispose of the animal appropriately.

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