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Report dead, or missing, animals

Our Streetscene Team removes dead animals and birds. Often these will be wild animals killed on the roads. Sadly, on occasion, a dead animal may be a family pet. If this is the case, we will scan the animal for an identification chip. If we find a chip, we will be able to contact the owner to arrange:

  • delivery of the animal to the owner
  • a time for the owner to collect the animal from a local depot

If no chip is found, we will keep the animal for a few days before appropriate disposal. 

Report a missing animal

If you own an animal that has gone missing, please contact us to check whether we have collected as deceased.

Ask about missing animal

The local police station is notified if a stray dog is seized by the Dog Warden,

Report a dead animal

Report a dead animal for collection

Please select option for 'Fly Tipping' with waste type 'Animal Carcass'.