Flood protection

Details about how we work to prevent flooding

Millport Coastal Flood Protection Scheme

Information about the review and design process

Millburn, Millport Flood Protection Scheme

Information about the the Millburn Flood Protection Scheme 

Ayrshire Shoreline Management Plan

An assessment of the shoreline and the risks posed by coastal processes

Ayrshire Local Flood Risk Management Plan

Setting the actions needed to manage flood risk

Flood warning areas

Areas highlighted as at risk of flooding

Largs Seawall Replacement

Information about the replacement of the existing seawall in Largs Bay, Largs

River quality enhancement

Find out about fish migration through North Ayrshire rivers

Developer's guidance: drainage, SuDS and flooding

Information about planning applications involving Drainage, SuDS and Flooding

Millport Coastal FPS Drawing List

Drawings related to the Millport Coastal Flood Protection Scheme

Millport Coastal FPS - summary of chapter

Environmental Statement topics and non-technical summary of all chapters

Flood management map

North Ayrshire Flood management map