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Community safety

Service alerts

Emergency disruptions to our services, such as school, office, or road closures

Antisocial behaviour

Support for residents who are victims of antisocial behaviour


Flood warning, management and prevention information

Children playing outside

How to keep children safe and out of trouble when playing outside

Violence Against Women Partnership

Find out how we work together with partners to tackle gender based violence

Emergency planning

How we prepare for, and respond to, major emergencies

Neighbourhood watch

Help prevent crime in your area by joining or starting a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Public space cameras (CCTV)

We have a network of public CCTV cameras located throughout North Ayrshire

Automated External Defibrillators

What they are and where you can find them in North Ayrshire

Integrated Emergency Management

Learn about how we work with other agencies to respond in the event of an emergency

Children's hearings

Find out what's involved in a children's hearing

Report a missing or deceased animal

Ask about a missing animal or let us know about a deceased animal

MAPPA Annual Report (PDF, 4mb)

Read our report on multi-agency public protection arrangements

Water safety

Learn about the action we take to ensure water safety in North Ayrshire

Firework control zones

Information on the legislation of firework control zones and how to apply.