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Children playing outside

Playing outside has always been a traditional part of growing up. It's a healthy way for children to spend time with their friends, getting exercise and burning off energy. We encourage everyone to consider the benefits of letting children play outdoors.

Young children are safer when they are playing in areas where their parents, or guardians, can see them. Dangers in playing further away could include:

  • bullying
  • traffic
  • gangs
  • 'stranger danger'.

Complaints about children playing outside

We will not take action if the children are:

  • playing outside in small groups, during reasonable hours
  • not causing damage to landscaping or property, or
  • making only a reasonable amount of noise.

We may take action if:

  • we receive complaints about the children playing large,organised games of football every day
  • landscaped areas or property are being damaged and we can identify who is responsible for this
  • the games turn into acts of antisocial behaviour, or
  • children or young adults are causing distress or damage.

Your responsibilities

If you are a parent, or guardian, and your children play outside, you should make sure that they are playing in a safe environment and not causing a nuisance to other residents. This may involve supervising them.

If you are experiencing problems with children playing, you should first talk to their parents, or guardians, - they, or their children, may not realise there is a problem. You should ask that their children continue playing their games without shouting or screaming loudly, and without kicking balls near your property.

If children, or young adults, are causing damage to landscaped areas or private property, you should contact Police Scotland on 101.

If you know the child or the young adult, you should contact your housing office with these details.