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Flood Risk Management Plans

Flooding in Scotland is managed through 14 local plan districts which are areas of land based on river catchments. Public authorities work in partnership to manage flood risk within these districts. SEPA published the SEPA Ayrshire Flood Risk Management Plan in December 2021 and North Ayrshire Council, as lead local authority for the Ayrshire Local Plan District, published the Ayrshire Local Flood Risk Management Plan (PDF, 8.3mb) in December 2022.

Both of these documents show how flooding will be managed in the 6-year planning cycle, between 2022 and 2028. The measures contained in both plans build upon the progress that was made to reduce flood risk in the previous 6-year planning cycle, which ran from 2016 to 2022.

The final progress report (PDF, 3.6mb) on the earlier Local Flood Risk Management Plan, which was published in 2016 is available. 

A new Flood Risk Management Plan and Local Flood Risk Management Plan will be published every six years with the long-term goal of reducing flood risk across Scotland over time. 

In combination with increasing education and awareness within communities about how they can protect themselves from flooding, the measures contained in the Flood Risk Management Plan and the Local Flood Risk Management Plan aim to reduce the risk of flooding to residents and businesses in Ayrshire. This will help to create a safer environment, avoid flood damage and improve overall health and wellbeing.