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Dog Warden service

The Dog Warden patrols North Ayrshire for stray dogs during office hours. The warden has powers to seize and impound any dog believed to be stray. 

To report a stray dog contact:

  • 01294 324339 Monday to Thursday 9am to 4.45pm and Friday 9am to 4.30pm
  • Police Scotland should be contacted outside of office hours

Seized dogs

The local police station is notified when a dog is seized by the Dog Warden. If a dog is microchipped, or has a name tag, the warden will contact the owner. 

If a dog is impounded, a payment of kennelling fees plus a fixed fine of £25 are due.   

Stray dogs are taken to kennels at:

Ellandee Kennels
Balgray Road
near Irvine
KA11 2AP

Telephone: 01294 850270

Ellandee Kennels operate:

  • daily from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm
  • from 6pm to 7pm on weekdays

Dogs are kept for 7 days unless reclaimed. 

Our Dog Warden service Facebook page aims to reunite dogs and their owners.

Failure to collect dogs

Failure to collect a dog within 7 days will result in the dog being sold, or given away. In very rare cases, the dog may be destroyed. Most strays are given to the Dogs Trust for rehoming. Occasionally members of the public can adopt a dog direct from the kennels. The kennels may make a charge.

Rehome a dog

Kennel viewing times are:

10.30am to 12.30pm and 2.30pm to 3.30pm

Call in advance to arrange an appointment.