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Food complaints

North Ayrshire Council investigates food complaints as part of its role in protecting public health.

Complaints may involve food and drink bought within North Ayrshire that:

  • are mouldy
  • contain foreign bodies (such as insects, metal, glass etc)
  • have become contaminated (by chemicals, rodent droppings)
  • are not of the nature, substance or quality expected
  • are falsely described
  • are inadequately labelled
  • were sold following expiry of the 'use by date'

The council also deals with complaints concerning the hygiene of food premises within its area.

All complaints are managed in accordance with the council's policies and may result in formal action.

Make a complaint

To complain about premises, or foodstuff purchased within North Ayrshire, please contact Environmental Health.

What to do with the food

Leave any foreign body undisturbed. Keep the food, packaging and receipt and follow the storage instructions on the packaging, where provided. If there are no storage instructions, the food should be kept under similar conditions to those at the shop at the time of purchase. 

What happens next?

You will receive written acknowledgement of your complaint and after our investigation, you will be informed in writing of the outcome. The steps taken by Environmental Health will vary depending on the nature of the complaint and may involve visits to the premises, inspections and/or sending food for scientific analyses. If the food was produced outside of North Ayrshire, another Environmental Health Section may be contacted for help in investigating the food manufacturer.

How long will it take to investigate my food complaint?

Issues relating to locally produced foods can usually be dealt within a few weeks. Investigations involving different companies and agencies can be complex and may take several months to conclude.

Contact Environmental Health




01294 324339


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