Rats and mice

Owners and occupiers of land have a responsibility to keep the land substantially free from rats and mice. Traps can be bought from hardware stores. If numbers are large, professional treatment is advised. Our Pest Control team investigates and, where necessary, treats premises and dwellings where there are infestations of rats and mice.


Bats are a protected species. For more information, visit the Nature Scot website.


Foxes are not known to pose any major threat to public health. It is not council policy to control foxes in any way. Our Urban foxes (PDF, 188kb) factsheet has more information.


The council has no statutory duty to take action against gulls.

Do not encourage gulls by feeding them or dropping food scraps. Dropping litter or food scraps is an offence and you may be liable to a penalty.

Further information is available on our living with urban gulls page.

Wild birds

We recognise that wild birds can cause nuisance from noise and fouling when their natural habitats impact on ours.

Wild birds are protected under the terms of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

However, you can do your part to ensure that birds are not encouraged to multiply where we live by:

  • not feeding them
  • properly disposing of litter and food waste

Rabbits, squirrels and other birds

The council does not help to get rid of rabbits and birds. A private pest controller may be able to help. In some cases, we will provide treatment for squirrels inside buildings.

Insect infestations

Insect infestations tend to be seasonal, (for example, wasps' nests). We receive, year round, complaints about other pests such as:

  • fleas
  • flies
  • cockroaches
  • beetles
  • mites
  • bedbugs
  • silverfish
  • other species which impact on public health

Some infestations can be treated with insecticides available from hardware stores, garden centres etc. Always follow the instructions and health and safety advice on the label. 

Pest Control Officers can carry out treatments, at a cost, or can be contacted for advice.


We don't provide ant powder.


Please note that the beekeepers are volunteers offering a free service to NAC residents and are not affiliated with the council. They are solely independent and therefore have no requirement to provide any service but will offer advice. Please email for advice.

Pest Control Charges

Pest Control charges
Charge DescriptionFee (including VAT)
Rats/Mice (Domestic), also squirrels in domestic accommodation £84.90 for up to 3 visits
Insects (Domestic) £55.10 per treatment
Rats/Mice/Insects (Commercial Premises) £84.90 per visit
Wasp Nests £55.10 per treatment
Fumigations/Sprays for heavy infestations e.g. bedbugs, fleas £84.90 per visit

Your landlord may agree to pay the charge, so they should be contacted first.


Pay pest control invoice

More information

We will not enter a property without the householder, or their representative, present. Before treatment begins, we need a signed authorisation from you.

The time taken to treat insects can take a few minutes. Locating where rodents are coming from and laying poison traps will take longer and includes return visits.

Poisons and pesticides

All the poisons we use are approved by the Health and Safety Executive. If you have pets, we will only use poison bait where the pets cannot get at it. We will provide a factsheet and return to remove any uneaten bait.

Pesticides are used in a form that minimises impact on the environment.

Please contact us for advice, or to request an investigation or treatment.

Contact Pest Control



  • North Ayrshire Council Tenants 01294 310000
  • all others 01294 324339