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Estate parking and garages

Rent a garage site or lockup

You don't need to be a council tenant to rent a garage or lockup from us. Please note that, we may have a waiting list.  

Rent is charged for all our garage sites and lockups. To rent a lockup, or garage site, contact your local Housing Office

You will be asked to sign a Tenancy Agreement and a rent card will be sent to you.

To give up a tenancy on a garage or lockup, you must give us 28 days notice.

Council estate parking

Parking regulations are designed to keep the area in which you live a pleasant one:

  • only park in designated parking areas, no area can be reserved by a particular household
  • be considerate, don't block other cars, ask your visitors to do the same
  • if you want to park a car, boat, caravan or a commercial vehicle in your garden you need to apply for planning permission and make a proper driveway
  • cars parked illegally on pavements, footpaths, or verges, or causing a danger or obstruction may be removed
  • you must not use car parking areas, your driveway or any area near your home to carry out repairs to any vehicle except your own.

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