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Council performance (North Ayrshire Performs)

Find out how we're performing against our indicators by visiting our online performance area. You will also find out how our performance compares to others: North Ayrshire Performs Portal.

Annual Performance Reports

Our Annual Performance Reports provide a balanced view of the council's progress in achieving its priorities.

Reports include information on successes, challenges and performance in achieving the strategic priorities of the Council Plan:

We carried out a survey of our People's Panel, with 62% of all respondents telling us they were aware that the council published an annual report.

View more details (PDF, 259kb) on what they thought of our public performance reporting.

Key Performance Symbols

The Key of Performance Symbols (PDF, 213kb) provides explanations for the main symbols that appear in the North Ayrshire Performs Portal.

Golden Thread

North Ayrshire Council's Framework includes the strategies, plans, indicators, targets and standards that enable the performance of the Council to be monitored.

The golden thread shows how our plans fit together, connecting the strategic objectives of the Council and our partners with the actions of managers and staff at Directorate, Operational, Team and individual level. As well as the Single Outcome Agreement and Council Plan there are strategies that support governance, the management of resources and the development of a performance management culture.

Single Outcome Agreement

The Single Outcome Agreement is an agreement between the Community Planning Partnership (CPP) and the Scottish Government which sets out what we hope to achieve for North Ayrshire.

SOA Annual Report

The North Ayrshire CPP Annual Report demonstrates the work jointly carried out by CPP partners.

Find out more about the Community Planning Partnership and Locality Planning.

North Ayrshire Council Plan

The North Ayrshire Council Plan describes our aims and ambitions for the next 5 years.

Directorate Plans

Directorate Plans set out what council Directorates want to deliver in the coming year.

Performance Management Strategy

The Performance Management Strategy focuses on embedding a performance management culture throughout the council. Self-assessment is central in our approach.