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Education and youth employment performance

Performance management

Performance management is at the heart of our drive to secure continuous improvement and to deliver high quality, efficient and user-focused services. 

Our performance framework helps to ensure that plans are translated into effective actions that improve the services we provide and the outcomes for those using our services.


The Covalent performance management system tracks progress of key service performance indicators and strategic actions and provides regular information to senior managers and elected members.


We measure comparative performance through the following benchmarking activities:

  • School Virtual Comparator
  • SOLACE (Benchmarking framework for Scottish Local Authorities)
  • Subject Benchmarking Groups
  • new education regional arrangements allow the sharing of data for comparison
  • Senior Officers work with school leadership teams to use platform data for improvement
  • data training is provided
  • data packs for schools are provided
  • data from standardised assessments is used within schools for performance improvement
  • How good is our School?
  • How good is our Community?
  • How good is our Culture & Sport?
  • How good is our Community Learning?
  • How good is our Corporate Parenting?
  • How good is our Early Learning and Childcare?


Self-evaluation is as an effective way to ensure continuous improvement for learners and to help achieve excellence in practice and provision.

Schools performance

North Ayrshire schools performance is available on the Parentzone website.

Performance information is available for primary and secondary
schools on:

  • attendance and absence
  • free school meals

Further information is available for secondary schools on:

  • S4 exam results
  • S5 exam results and staying on rates
  • S6 exam results and staying on rates

The information available for Additional Support Need (ASN) schools is:

  • ASN exam results
  • free school meals