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Education Service performance

Performance management

Performance management is at the heart of our drive to deliver high quality, efficient, and child-centred services that enable all children and young people to achieve to their full potential. 

This is supported by our Quality Improvement Framework, which enables all children & young people to achieve to their full potential through school improvement planning and a consistent approach to quality assurance.

Our performance framework ensures that plans are translated into effective actions that improve outcomes for all children and young people. There is a clear focus on improving learning and teaching across the Service from early years to senior phase secondary school education through the Quality Improvement Framework.

The Standards in School etc. Act 2000, outlines a statutory duty for the Education Service to publish an annual plan & report on progress made towards Scottish Government’s National Improvement Framework. The plan and progress report includes the Service’s key performance indicators and actions. We report on progress to North Ayrshire Council’s Executive Leadership Team & Elected Members on a frequent basis. Our most recent plan and annual report are available:

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