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Council Tax Reduction Review  

Request a review

You may be entitled to Council Tax Reduction if you are on a low income. North Ayrshire Council runs the scheme for North Ayrshire. 

If you are dissatisfied with the council tax reduction decision made by North Ayrshire Council, you can, provided it is done within 2 months of that decision, ask for a review of the decision. This must be done in writing or by:

requesting an appeal online

The review request must state the reasons why you think the decision is incorrect.

If you decide to request a review of council tax reduction in writing, please send it to:

North Ayrshire Council
Customer Services
PO BOX 7966
Irvine KA12 8EG

A review will look at income and the amount that a person needs to live on (their applicable amount). This varies depending on the circumstances.  

North Ayrshire Council must consider the request and reply with their decision in writing within 2 months.

Further review

If after receiving a review decision you remain dissatisfied, you can seek an independent ruling from the Local Taxation Chamber of the First Tier Tribunal, part of the Scottish Tribunal Service. They will conduct a further review.*

*Please note that a further review by the Local Taxation Chamber can only be requested after the relevant local authority has carried out an internal review.

The only exception to this is if you do not receive a written response from your local authority within 2 months of writing to them requesting a review. If this happens you can request, in writing, an independent ruling from the Local Taxation Chamber of the First Tier Tribunal.

They will consider the facts and give an independent ruling as to whether the decision made by your local authority is correct or not.

An application for further review should be made in writing to the Local Taxation Chamber of the First Tier Tribunal:

Local Taxation Chamber
Bothwell House
First Floor
Hamilton Business Park
Caird Park

When notified by the Local Taxation Chamber of a further review the Local Authority will provide them with their decision regarding the review and the supporting documentation. This includes copies of:

  • the notification of review to the applicant
  • responses to that notice
  • relevant extracts from the applicants Council Tax Reductions application
  • summary of response to review 
  • any other supporting communications

The Local Authority will also forward a copy of the documentation they are submitting to the Local Taxation Chamber to the applicant, prior to the hearing.

More information

Information about Council Tax Reduction, how it works, FAQs and Reviews are available from the Scottish Government website.