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Care leaver discount or exemption

A care leaver may qualify for a council tax discount or exemption.

A care leaver is as a person who:

  • is aged 18 to 25
  • was 'looked after' by a local authority on their sixteenth birthday, or at any time after that date, and
  • is no longer looked after by a local authority

Looked after children are defined as those in the care of their local authority – sometimes referred to as a 'corporate parent'.

Discount (25%)

If there is one liable adult resident in a household with one or more care leavers, Council Tax and water service charges will be reduced by 25%. If this is the case, the liable person will be sent an adjusted Council Tax bill.

Exemption (100%)

If a property is only occupied by care leavers (1 or more) an exemption will apply. This means Council Tax and water services charges will be reduced by 100%.

If you qualify for an exemption we write to you, or email, to let you know. You will not receive a Council Tax notice.


The form has 4 sections. 

Sections 1, 2 and 4

Should be completed by the person liable for Council Tax (in some cases, this may be the care leaver).

Section 3

Should be completed by the care leaver and consent given to contact the Council’s Throughcare Service, or another Local Authority, to verify the information you have provided.

Download form (Word, 43kb)

Completed forms should be returned to the address below.

What happens next?

We may contact you to ask for more information.

If the application is unsuccessful we will advise the liable person in writing, or by email.


The discount or exemption will continue for as long as the qualifying criteria is met. You must contact the council immediately if there is a change of circumstance in the household. The council will conduct an annual review.

Contact Council Tax




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