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School lunch menus

Where possible, we use local produce to freshly prepare meals, using seasonal ingredients. We use:

  • eggs from cage free hens
  • meat from animals farmed to British Welfare Standards
  • fish from sustainable sources

Special dietary needs

We can cater for pupils who have special dietary needs because of:

  • medical reasons
  • religion

Children with medical dietary needs should have been referred to, and met with, a NHS Dietician.

If your child has special dietary needs, please inform your Head Teacher. They will send you a Special Diet Request form to fill in and return to your school.

Primary schools 

3 weekly menu cycles are rotated on a weekly basis.

All options are £2.05 and include a main meal, or a snack meal (baked potato or sandwich), with either a starter or a sweet. Snack meals include a piece of fresh fruit. Both meals include a drink.

Seasonal vegetables, salad bowls, potatoes, fresh fruit, yoghurts, home baking and free bread are available daily.

Vegetarian options are available every day on request.

Allergen & nutritional information:

Early Years

As with our primary school menus, there are 3 menus rotated on a weekly basis.

Allergen Information:

Secondary schools

Our secondary schools offer hot and cold meals. Fresh fruit, yoghurts, home baking and salads are available daily. Our menus comply with the Scottish Government’s Schools (Nutrition and Health Promotion) (Scotland) Act. 

Please note: due to intermittent disruption to our food supplies, menu items may change at short notice.

In addition to the Academy Menu every day we offer: 

  • Pizza meal of the day 
  • Hot burger rolls of the day 
  • Deli deal of the day (which includes):
    • Jacket Potato of the day 
    • Panini of the day 
    • Sub Roll of the day 
    • Sandwich/Wrap/filled roll of the day

A meal deal is £2.05 with individual meal prices ranging from £1.10 to £2.

Allergen & nutritional information: