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Taxi stances
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Taxi stances

We have powers to:

  • appoint a stance
  • vary the number of taxis permitted at a stance
  • alter the position of stances
  • revoke the appointment of stances

The Law is in the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, Section 19.

Only a taxi with a North Ayrshire Council "taxi Licence" can wait on a stance. Private Hire Cars, and private cars, cannot wait on a stance. Under Section 21(7) it is a criminal offence, without reasonable excuse, to cause or permit any vehicle other than a taxi to wait on any stance for taxis.

Types of Taxi stances

Public stances

Appointed by the Licensing Authority under the legislation which deals with licensing of taxis, private hire cars and their drivers (Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, Section 19).

For example:

  • Bank Street, Irvine
  • outside Irvine Railway Station

Private stances

Created by land owners on their own land, sometimes by arrangement with a Taxi Owners Association. The Licensing Authority has no responsibility for the private stance or any right to say how it should be managed.

An example of a private stances is the stance outside the Rivergate Centre, Irvine.

If a stance is private, the rules limiting stance use to "taxis", and excluding "private hire cars" or private vehicles do not apply.

Any car belonging to the 'tenant' can use the private stance, whether it is a "taxi" or a "private hire car".

Stance orders

North Ayrshire Taxi Stance Orders
Stance ordersPlans 
Irvine, Bank Street (GEN19)(Word, 25kb) High Street Irvine (Traffic Management) Consolidation Order 2018 (GEN19 Bank St)(PDF, 1.12mb)

Plan of Feeder Taxi Stance (Bank St, Irvine) (GEN19)(PDF, 225kb)


If we propose to make an order about a taxi stance, we must publicise the proposals. Anyone can state objections or representations in writing to:

  • Aileen Craig
    Clerk to the Licensing Committee
    Democratic Services
    Cunninghame House
    KA12 8EE
Taxi Stance proposals
Draft Order  PlanLast Day for Representations 
There are no proposals at this time