Taxi fares

The Taxi fare scales can be found below:

On 24 October 2022, the Council's Licensing Committee concluded the Taxi fare scales review process and set new Scales, which were due to start on Monday 21 November 2022, but a taxi operator appealed to the Traffic Commissioner and this automatically suspended the new Scales, so that the old Scales (set in 2021) still applied.

Information for the public

Taxis do not have a fare card, but they should display a Public Notice with a QR Code. The passenger's phone can read this and it will go to this website, which has a link to the "Taxi Fare Scales".

Information for the Taxi Trade

Update - What do I need to do BEFORE Thursday 4 May 2023?

You will need to:

• get your meter recalibrated so that you can charge the 'new' Scales
• print out a Taxi Fare Scales Public Notice (PDF, 93kb) to display in your vehicle

The last update we put on our website told Operators about the appeal and said that they should not get their meters recalibrated yet. We did this to save Operators time and money. If we had simply gone ahead and told the Trade of the 'new' Scales before we knew if any Operator had appealed or how that appeal was decided, the other Operators who had not appealed could have wasted time and money on getting their meters recalibrated to charge 'new' Scales.

Due to the current economic situation the Trade were divided between:

• those who wanted a large increase
• those who wanted an inflation-linked increase
• those who did not want an increase at all

If any of them had appealed, this would cause a problem for those who did not appeal. Since the 'new' Scales are generally higher than the 'old' Scales, they'd have to recalibrate again to restore the 'old' Scales to avoid complaints of over-charging, or they'd have to set fixed fares. We tried to avoid this.

Now that the Traffic Commissioner has refused the appeal and set a date for the 'new' Scales to come into force, Operators can recalibrate their meters.