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Community Asset Transfer 

Community Asset Transfer involves the transfer of responsibility for an asset from the council to any suitably qualified community, voluntary or social enterprise group. For full details please see the Community Asset Transfer guide (PDF, 239kb).

Assets may include:

  • public halls
  • town halls
  • community centres
  • bowling greens
  • public conveniences
  • parks and play areas
  • small museums

Some assets must stay under council ownership to support the delivery of essential services or economic activity in an area. Other assets may have restrictive title conditions attached which would restrict their use to a defined purpose. For example, the building can only be used for sports and leisure purposes.

Our policy on Community Asset Transfer

North Ayrshire Council is committed to Community Asset Transfer where that will bring benefits to communities and contribute towards achieving the council's aims and objectives.

Community asset transfer can be a valuable part of supporting and sustaining communities.

Read our Community Asset Transfer policy (PDF, 189kb).

Asset register

Under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, we are required to publish a register of property (PDF, 657kb) North Ayrshire Council owns or leases. Some land and property may not be suitable for transfer, please see section 4 of our asset transfer guide.

Apply for an asset

Our guidance pack, with appendices, contains step by step guidance, an application form and additional material.

External advice and information is available from the Community Ownership Support Service (COSS).

Planning permission may be needed if the transfer involves any new building or change of use of an existing building or property. Please check in advance.  

Guidance pack and additional material

Publication of requests and representations

Copies of asset transfer requests and any documents/information accompanying the request will be made available here until the request process is complete.

This allows anyone to ask questions or to challenge the request. This is called making a representation. Any representation made about the request will also be made available.

In order to comply with data protection requirements, any personal information will be redacted from these documents before they are published.

The asset transfer requests listed will show the date of submission and the asset they relate to. Each request will also show the dates of the representation consultation period (20 working days).

All representations received will be copied to the community transfer body for their comments, and will then be published. 


There are no ongoing requests.

Making a representation

You can make a representation during the consultation periods by:

Please note: If the asset transfer body makes an appeal or review and you have made a representation, we may contact you at a future date.

By submitting representations you are agreeing to this.

Contact Community Asset Transfer Team