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Benefit fraud 

Benefit fraud is a crime. It happens when someone doesn't report a change in their circumstances or is intentionally dishonest to receive benefit.

Examples of benefit fraud are:

  • failing to report that you're working
  • failing to report a change of address
  • failing to report full amount of your income, savings or capital
  • claiming benefit as a single person when you live with a partner
  • claiming benefit for an address you don't live at
  • claiming benefit when you have no right to

Report benefit fraud

You have the right to remain anonymous.

What happens if I'm reported?

If you are accused of committing benefit fraud, the DWP will contact you. A Benefits or Fraud Investigation Officer may visit you to talk about your benefit claim.

Your benefit may be stopped while under investigation. If this happens, you'll get a letter telling you what will happen next.

If proof of benefit fraud is identified:

  • you may be formally cautioned
  • an administrative penalty may be imposed
  • the case may be referred to the Procurator Fiscal with a view to prosecution

We will always recover any fraudulent overpayments.