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Staff values and behaviours

North Ayrshire Council, like many organisations, has a set of core Staff Values and Behaviours. Designed by our staff, they are the foundation our work is built on and apply to everyone. We believe they are key to how we work and should shine through in everything that we do.

We use Our Staff Values and Behaviours within:

  • Recruitment - the application form and the interview both include elements of them. This helps to ensure we select the right person for each job (excluding teaching positions).
  • Employee Development - During Our Time to Talk discussions between line managers and employees. Identifying and nurturing employee development, helping them succeed and thrive in their role.

So, what are our Values?

Our Values are Focus. Passion. Inspiration. The two short straplines explain what they mean. Four descriptions of behaviour provide further explanation of the expectations within each value.

Our Staff Values Focus. Passion. Inspiration.


We put our customers first and understand the bigger picture.

We do this by:

  • providing excellent customer services
  • meeting, and where possible, exceeding expectations of internal and external customers
  • understanding the performance levels and standards needed within our role
  • striving to achieve, and where possible, exceed these standards
  • knowing how the work we do fits into the performance of the council


We take pride in the jobs we do and we are ambitious for our community.

We do this by:

  • taking ownership of our own actions and performance
  • reflecting on the work we do and consider how to improve
  • having a positive impact on the lives of our customers and their communities
  • pushing the boundaries to help customers and communities realise their potential


We all look for better ways to deliver our services and achieve the best results by working together.

We do this by:

  • finding new ways to deliver improvements, efficiencies, and value for money
  • embracing change with enthusiasm
  • working together and creatively producing the best outcomes for customers and communities
  • planning all activities with the end goal in mind

What do you need to prepare when applying for a job with us?

Filling in the application form

One question exists within the application form relating to Our Values and Behaviours. The question is: 

Our Values of Focus, Passion and Inspiration are at the heart of everything we do and how we do it. Consider our Values and their behaviours and provide an example of how you show these.

You should describe a situation from the past where you have displayed Our Values and Behaviours.

Any kind of situations are suitable. For example, situations from your current work, previous work or even from your personal life. You will have a max of 4000 characters for this.

The ‘Additional Information’ section of the application form 

Use this section to reinforce how you demonstrate Our Staff Values and Behaviours:

  • take care not to repeat information already provided
  • ensure you double check the essential and desirable criteria on the Role Profile
  • add any information required for the post that you have not already included
  • take this final opportunity in your application to explain why you are best person for the job

Attending an interview

Part of your interview will be behavioural based too and will explore examples you provided in your application. We ask for further examples relating to the values and behaviours.

Be prepared to explain a variety of different situations where you have shown Our Values & Behaviours.

If it would help you at the interview, you can take the following in with you:

  • notes relating to examples you may wish to cover
  • a copy of your application form
  • a copy of the Role Profile for the post

Any notes should only be brief prompts for you. Avoid often referring to notes as this will affect the flow of the interview.

How do you prepare examples based on Our Values and Behaviours?

There are several ways to prepare and answer behavioural questions. This applies to both application forms and interviews.

The STAR technique

One technique that can help you to structure your responses is the STAR technique:

  • Situation - describe the situation you were involved in. Use one or two brief sentences.
  • Task - describe what task was required of you, again keep this brief.
  • Action - tell the interviewer what action you took. This is the most important part. You should describe the actions you took in the situation. These actions should link into Our Values and Behaviours.
  • Result - finally describe what the result was. Did you save money or improve customer service or streamline processes?

Whichever technique you use the situation should describe what you did. Ensure that you show how you demonstrated either one, or all, of the Values.