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Staff values and behaviours

Our staff values and behaviours (PDF, 105kb) are the foundation that our work is built on. They are the key to how we work and should shine through in everything that we do. The values and behaviours are used throughout the organisation for all posts, grades 1 to 17. 

The 3 values are accompanied by 2 straplines explaining what they mean. There are a further 4 behaviours attached to each value, to provide further context of what is expected within each value.

Our staff values and behaviours are:
we put our customers first
we understand the bigger picture
  • Provide excellent customer services
  • Meet and, where possible, exceed the expectations of internal and external customers
  • Understand the performance levels and standards required within our own role and strive to achieve and, where possible, exceed these
  • Know how the work we do fits into the overall performance of the Council
we take pride in the jobs we do
we are ambitious for our community
  • Take ownership of our own actions and performance
  • Reflect on the work we do and consider how it could be improved
  • Have a positive impact on the lives of our customers and their communities
  • Push the boundaries to help our customers and communities realise their potential
we all look for better ways to deliver our services
we achieve the best results by working together
  • Find new ways to deliver improvements, efficiencies and value for money
  • Embrace change with enthusiasm
  • Work together and creatively produce the best outcomes for our customers and communities
  • Plan all activities with the end goal in mind

More information can be found in our Introduction to staff value and behaviours (PDF, 331kb).

The staff values and behaviours and recruitment

We use the above staff values and behaviours at application and interview stage to find the right person for each council job.

Filling in an application form

All vacancies will explore all of the staff values and behaviours in the application form. You're expected to provide examples demonstrating our required values and behaviours. 

Please read our candidate guidance - Explaining examples (PDF, 290kb).

Attending an interview

Part of your interview will be behavioural based and will either; explore the examples you provided in your application, or will look for further examples relating to the values and behaviours.

You should be prepared to explain a variety of situations which you feel demonstrate the behaviours required.

Please read our candidate guidance - Behavioural based interviews (PDF, 148kb).

Staff values and behaviours and employee development

The staff values and behaviours are also used within our employee performance management discussions: Performance and Personal Development (PPD). 

This discussion aims to identify and propel our employee’s development to help them succeed and thrive in their role.

Each employee has at least 1 discussion a year with their manager, the aim of which is to reflect on their performance for the previous year. During this discussion, the employee and manager will reflect on how each of the values and behaviours have been demonstrated. The focus of work and development for the following year will also be agreed.