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Ending your tenancy

To terminate your North Ayrshire Council Housing tenancy, either:

If you have a joint tenancy, the other tenant can give notice at the same time, or change the tenancy to their name only. 

If you are married, your husband or wife must also give consent in writing before you can end your tenancy - even if he or she is not a joint tenant. 

What happens next

A Housing Officer will arrange to inspect the property. The date and time of the inspection will be confirmed by letter.

You will be informed in writing of any repairs you have to carry out. If you don't carry out repairs requested, you may be charged.

The Housing Officer may agree to you leaving carpets or blinds if we think the next tenant may want them. This will be confirmed with you in writing.

Before you leave

Before leaving the property, you must remove:

  • all of your furniture, including fridge/freezer
  • floor coverings
  • personal possessions
  • any rubbish

This includes items from the loft, outhouses or external storage areas.

Contact us to arrange a bulky waste collection if required, as you will be charged removal costs for any items left in the property.

Please ensure that you:

  • leave the house clean (floors should be swept and washed), tidy and in good decorative condition
  • leave the garden tidy and free of rubbish, any structures erected in the garden should be removed
  • complete any repairs we have asked you to do
  • provide us with a forwarding address
  • let the Council Tax office know you are moving
  • read your gas and electricity meters and notify your supplier(s) of your forwarding address
  • notify the Post Office and your telephone company of your change of address
  • ensure any lodgers or sub-tenants leave with you
  • when you leave the property for the last time that property is secure

Fixtures, fittings and appliances owned by the council should not be removed from the house. This includes any fittings that you have replaced.


All keys for the property should be handed in to your Housing office in person before 12 noon on a Monday.

This includes keys for storage spaces, verandas, access systems, and so on.

Another week's rent will be charged for keys not returned by this time.

If your tenancy is terminated due to a death, transfer of house or hospitalisation, keys must be handed in by close of business on a Monday, otherwise another week's rent will be charged.

Contact Housing

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Staff training

Please note: Housing offices close from 1.30pm on the second Thursday of every month for staff training.

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