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Help us to improve our Housing service

We want to:

  • involve our tenants in scrutinising the services we provide
  • make sure we keep our promises and standards of services
  • to improve our performance in all service areas.

Inspection Panel

The Inspection Panel will carry out 1 scrutiny inspection of services per year. The areas of inspections will be as follows:

  • from a range of options put forward by senior management
  • an area of interest to the North Ayrshire Network (NAN) 
  • referrals for scrutiny from Service Improvement Groups
  • any area which has a significant number of complaints

There are guidelines about how:

  • the panel makes recommendation for service improvements
  • senior officers will consider these recommendations.

Annual Performance Reporting 

Housing Services Senior Management Team makes performance reports to the NAN. The NAN ensures the council embeds the requirements of the Scottish Housing Regulator and Scottish Social Housing Charter. It monitors and challenges the set indicators, outcomes and standards. It will agree, approve and confirm the data detailed in the ARC.

Mystery shopping

We have a number of North Ayrshire tenants trained as mystery shoppers. They record their experiences when contacting Housing Services, or Building Services. Feedback is given to the Tenant Participation Team.

Request a copy of the latest Mystery Shopping report from the Tenant Participation Team. To apply, complete and return a Mystery Shopping application form.

Estate inspections

Estate caretakers, Housing and Technical officers carry out inspections as part of their day to day work. Services, tenants and councillors carry out a joint annual inspection of each estate. Inspections take place in areas where there are Tenants and Residents Associations. A programme of inspections features in the Tenancy Matters magazine.

Service improvement groups

Find out how you can join one of our service improvement groups to help develop new Housing services and policies.

Contact Tenant Participation

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