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Service improvement groups

Join one of our service improvement groups to become involved in developing new services or policies. 

Membership for the following groups is advertised via the Tenants Chat e-magazine and Facebook.

Business Plan Group

Comprised of tenant representatives, council staff and elected members. They oversee the development of the 30 year Housing Revenue Account Business Plan and the 30 year business plan, at a senior strategic level. 

Repairs/Major Works Service Improvement Group

This group is joint chaired by tenants and council staff. Involved with:

  • the Tenant Satisfaction Survey
  • Capital Programme
  • Repairs Policy
  • developing Standards of Services within the council's Infrastructure & Design Service. 

Communication and Information Improvement Group

Overseeing the production of leaflets and our e-magazine Tenants Chat. This includes content and tenant approved accreditation. The remit includes input in the Housing Services Facebook page and our Tenant Participation webpages.

Tenant Event Working Group

Having a role in the organisation of tenants, residents and service users' conferences. The group oversees planning and delivery, as well as, welcoming guests and assisting with workshops. The group plays a vital part in the annual Housing Services Summer Fun Day. Input is welcome from everyone.

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