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Tenants and residents associations (TARAS)

Tenants and residents associations are groups of people, acting in a voluntary capacity. They put forward views and concerns on behalf of tenants and / or residents in their area.

Groups vary in format, for example:

  • tenants' association for tenants only
  • tenants of one landlord
  • residents' associations for all adults in the community
  • action groups formed round a particular issue.

What do they do?

Most TARAs hold regular meetings, open to all tenants in the area. A smaller committee conducts their business. TARAs may:

  • provide a collective voice for tenants in an area
  • act as a focus for consultation
  • campaign and lobby for change eg play facilities, housing conditions
  • develop extra services through self help schemes eg lunch clubs
  • offer advice to local people
  • represent individual tenants when dealing with authorities
  • organise around issues such as; housing transfers, regeneration, repairs, services, problems with neighbours  
  • influence decision making that affects your and your neighbours' homes.
  • give accurate advice and information to tenants / residents
  • increase the sense of belonging to a community

TARAs in North Ayrshire

We consult with 5 TARAs about housing policies, service levels and local issues.

The Tenant Participation Team carries out audits to establish the level of support needed. The traffic light system, classifies red as the highest level support.


  • Bourtreehill & Broomlands Tenants' & Residents' Association
  • Castlepark & Eglinton Tenants' & Residents' Group
  • Redburn Grove Tenants' Group


Saltcoats High Flats Tenants' & Residents' Association


Hayocks Tenants' & Residents' Association

How to start a group

Our Tenants & Residents Group manual gives advice on starting and registering a group. It includes:

  • a model constitution, to help set out the group's aims, 
  • an outline of tenant participation
  • information about running TARAs
  • information about their rights.

Please note: the Tenants and Residents Group manual may not be fully accessible to all. If you require a printed version please contact the Tenant Participation Team: email: tenantparticipation@north-ayrshire.gov.uk, Telephone: 01294 324869

Find more information in the Scottish Government's Guide to Successful Tenant Participation.

Register of Tenant Organisations RTO

A Registered Tenants Organisation is a formal Tenants and Residents Association which has fulfilled criteria set out in The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001. Tenants' Associations, within North Ayrshire Council's boundary, can apply for registration. 

View our Register of Tenant Organisations (PDF, 92KB) and Registration Guidelines (PDF, 186KB).

Equal opportunities in TARAs

A commitment to equality of opportunity must also be reflected within TARAs. They should involve and represent all sections of the community they are active in.

TARAs behaving in a discriminatory, or offensive, way towards minority groups could lead to removal from the RTO.

Tenant Panel

Our tenant panel ensures that individuals, who are not attached to a TARA, are able to have their say. We send draft housing policies to those on the panel to get views and consult about over housing issues.

To be added to the panel, complete and return a Tenant Panel Form.

Contact Tenant Participation

Email the Tenant Participation Team



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