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Private landlord registration

All private landlords letting residential properties in Scotland must be registered to do so. You must register with each local authority in whose area you let property. If you own properties in more than one area, you can register online with one application, and this will reduce the total fee that you'll have to pay. 

Apply for registration

Register and pay

If you would like to get in touch with our Licensing Team, please email the Licensing Team or call on 01294 310000.

Alternatively, you can also send post to:

Licensing Section,
Legal Services,
North Ayrshire Council,
Cunninghame House,
Irvine, KA12 8EE


Fees are set by national Regulation and are the same all over Scotland. The fees are altered on 1 April each year to take account of the Consumer Prices Index (CPI).

Current Landlord Registration fees
Application TypeFees
Application with a single local authority £80
Two or more applications with different local authorities £40 per local authority
Property cost for each property rented out by the landlord £18
Late Application £160

To register you must pay: 

  • the 'Principal Fee' (no matter how many houses you have) 
  • a 'Property Fee' for each house (i.e £15 per house)

If you already have a Registration and you want to add a new house 

You must tell us in writing and pay the 'Property Fee'. The Registration will still run for 3 years from when you registered your first house(s), and the expiry date is not changed by adding another house.

Late Application

Registration lasts 3 years, and then expire. If you had a registration but did not renew it in time, you will be charged a 'Late Application Fee' as well as the 'Principal Fee' and 'Property Fee(s)'

If you want to add a house to your Registration, or if there is any other change in circumstances which changes the information you have given us, you are legally required to give us written notice as soon as practicable. You can be fined up to £1,000 if you do not comply. If we have issued 2 separate requests that you comply with your duty to notify us a change of information then the 'Late Application Fee' is due. 

If you have appointed an Agent to act for you then you have to give us written notice: 

There is no fee If the Agent is: 

  • already on the Landlord Register 
  • already included in a Joint Owner's registration house 
  • a "Registered Letting Agent" (there is a separate Scottish Government Register) 


You may be exempt from registering if one or more of the qualifying exemptions cover all the houses you let:

  • letting part of your own home
  • letting to the tenant of an agricultural holding or croft

If you are just entering the market, you should register before letting property.

Property management agents

Letting Agent Code of Practice (Scotland) Regulations 2016

The letting agent code of practice, is managed by the Scottish Government (not Local Authority) and came into force 31 January 2018. 

Everyone carrying out letting agency work should have applied to join the Scottish Letting Agent Register  by 1 October 2018.  Anyone that failed to apply for registration by this date and has continued to do agency work since has been breaking the law. 

The Code applies to every person who carries out letting agency work in Scotland, which is defined in section 61 (1) of the Act as: “things done by a person in the course of that person’s business in response to relevant instructions”.  This includes collecting rent, inspecting the house and making arrangements for the repair, maintenance, improvement or insurance of the house).

Read further detail on the code of practice  

Read further information on letting agent registration for landlords 

If a tenant or landlord feels there has been a breach of the Code they can make an application to the First Tier Tribunal (Housing and Property Chamber) 

More Information

The Private Sector Advice Service is available to offer you support and advice on a variety of housing matters. 

Members of the public can search the register to find out whether a person or organisation is registered, or to get contact details for a particular rented property.

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