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Empty homes

An empty home is a property which has been unoccupied for 6 months or more. It is not a second, or holiday, home. There are over 800 empty homes in North Ayrshire.

Why do homes become empty?

The reasons for empty homes are varied:

  • bought as a development opportunity
  • inherited property
  • issues with selling or renting
  • financial problems.

Empty homes falling into disrepair, makes future use less likely and can have a detrimental impact on communities.

Report an Empty Home

If you think that a property has been empty for 6 months or more, contact our Empty Homes Officers on 01294 324644 or email psadvice@north-ayrshire.gov.uk.

Empty Homes Loan Fund

Our Empty Homes Loan Fund offers interest free loans to bring empty properties back into the rented sector. 

Empty Home Buy Backs

In exceptional circumstances, North Ayrshire Council may consider the purchase of empty homes in areas of high demand for rental properties. 

To be considered, properties must have been empty for 6 months, or more, and could be reasonably brought up to the letting standard as well as maintained to statutory standards.

Matchmaker Scheme

A free scheme that matches people who own empty properties with people who would like to invest. It aims to match owners of empty homes, who wish to sell their property, with people who may be interested in buying in the area. If you are interested, or to arrange a visit, please email the Empty Homes Officers or call 01294 324644.

Code of Conduct   

The Code of Conduct applies to all parties on the Matchmaker Scheme. The scheme promotes a suitable and satisfactory outcome for all parties. 

Communications and negotiations between parties must be:

  • respectful
  • honest
  • reasonable

at all times.

You must ensure that no action or omission on your part has an adverse effect on the interests of the scheme.    

Please note that failure to meet the standards and requirements of the code of conduct may result in removal from the scheme at North Ayrshire Council’s discretion.

Private Sector Advice

The Private Sector Advice Team also provides private sector information and guidance to:

  • homeowners
  • landlords
  • private tenants

This covers a range of private sector housing matters including property condition and tenant rights and responsibilities. 

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