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National Entitlement Card (NEC) - Junior and Young Scot

This free, electronic smart card can be used as proof of age and gives you access to:

  • free travel for 5 to 21 year olds
  • discounts and special offers
  • council services

Ask for the Young Scot logo to be included on your National Entitlement Card in your application.

Young Scot is the national youth information and citizenship charity for Scotland. They provide 11 to 26 year olds with information, ideas and incentives to help them become confident, informed and active citizens.

In North Ayrshire you can use your card:

  • for free bus travel for 5 to 21 year olds
  • to get concessionary travel – 1/3 off single bus and rail fares and if you live on Arran or Cumbrae, you can get 2 free return journeys to the mainland every year (for full time volunteers aged 19 to 25 years and young people aged 16 to 18 years) 
  • to get discounts and special offers in over 1,500 shops and services across Scotland and thousands more in Europe
  • as proof of age

How to apply for a NEC (Junior and Young Scot cards)

Applying for a first time card or requesting a replacement card

School pupil consents (first time card)

If you attend a North Ayrshire Council school, or have recently left to attend college or university, you can apply via a simplified consent form. Please only apply if this is for a first time Junior or Young Scot card. 

To get Young Persons' free bus travel added to your card, and you are under 16 years of age, your parent or guardian will need to apply on your behalf as parental permission is required.

Please complete the correct application form for your age, otherwise your application may be rejected:

  • 16 years of age and over form (we can accept applications from those who have just left school in the summer to attend college)
  • 11 to 15 years of age form (can only be accepted by the child's main contact, no other contact can complete, if not the main contact the form will be rejected)
  • 5 to 10 years of age form (can only be accepted by the child's main contact, no other contact can complete, if not the main contact the form will be rejected)
Request a replacement card

Replacement cards can be requested by phoning 01294 310000, or by completing our replacement request form

Apply online

Anyone aged between 12 and 25 years of age can apply online at Get Your NEC.

Please note: we are unable to provide updates and review applications made via Get Your NEC.

Other information and enquiries

If your request does not fit one of the descriptions above, or you wish to make an enquiry, email NEC Admin for guidance and support. 

Supporting evidence

We may ask you to send evidence to support your application, such as: 

  • Proof of age: birth certificate, passport, photo driving licence, adoption certificate, marriage certificate, PASS hologrammed card
  • Proof of address: letter from school/university/etc., bank statement, photo driving licence, council tax bill, benefit book, council rent card, recent utility bill or recent mortgage statement
  • Photographic evidence: passport, photo driving licence, PASS hologrammed card*

*If you do not have photographic evidence with you our team will discuss other options that may be suitable. 

Drop-in sessions

  • Tuesday 2 July, 10am to 1pm, Stevenston Library
  • Thursday 11 July, 10am to 1pm, Kilwinning Library
  • Friday 19 July, 10am to 1pm, Irvine Library

Please note: under 16s must bring a parent/guardian to complete paperwork.

For information on drop-in sessions, please email NEC Admin.

What do I need to bring with me?
School pupils aged 5 to 15 years old

If your child is aged 5 to 15 and attends a North Ayrshire school, the registered main contact on the child’s school record must come along on the day and complete a consent form. We use this to verify details via your child’s school record.  


For those aged 11 to 15, we need a photographic image for their card. If the school holds a recent image on their record, with your consent we can use this. If your child comes with you on the day, we can take an up to date photograph to ensure it meets our PASS requirements.  

School pupils aged 16 or over

If you are 16 or over and still attend a North Ayrshire school or recently left in the summer, you can come along on the day and complete a short consent form. This will allow us to verify details via your school record and take your photograph for your card. 

All other new applicants

For applicants not attending a North Ayrshire Council school, we will require a full application form to be completed on the day. We will need supporting evidence to process your card. If you do not have supporting evidence, come along and chat to our team about alternative support and what we can do help you with your application. We can take your photograph on the day.  

Please note: under 16s must bring a parent/guardian who is able sign parental approval for free travel on your behalf.

Rules and regulations

You're the only person allowed to use your NEC. It's not transferable. Allowing someone else to use it is fraud. This may lead to the card being cancelled and your entitlements withdrawn.