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Additional support needs (ASN): free transport

Transport needs are determined as part of an additional needs assessment. These can be recommended by Education Service Managers, or Health and Social Care Partnership Managers.

How to apply

Discuss additional support needs with the Education Service Managers, or Health and Social Care Partnership Managers.

What we provide

After taking account of circumstances, the supplied mode of transport may be:

  • a dedicated bus
  • a bus pass on a local service bus
  • a train pass 
  • taxi or private hire, minibus and ferry

In certain circumstances, where best value for money can be demonstrated by parents/carers providing transport themselves, we may reimburse mileage. This would cover one return journey per day (at start and end of the normal school day)

What happens next?

You will get written confirmation of arrangements. 

Where transport is arranged from your home, the contractor will contact you for a briefing and emergency contact details. Please give them information you think may be helpful in understanding specific needs.

Please note: If the service user does not need pre-arranged transport, for example if they are ill, you must notify the establishment that you originally applied to giving as much notice as possible. Contact the Transport Hub if you are unsure who to contact.

Safe and reliable

All our contracted drivers and escorts undergo a Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG). They must wear photographic ID while carrying out their contract.

For your peace of mind:

  • no smoking is allowed in vehicles when transporting service users
  • all vehicles carry either a radio or mobile phone for emergency contact
  • all contractors hold a note of the service user's name, address, telephone number and emergency contact information in their vehicle
  • all contract vehicles have seat belts
  • special seating is provided where necessary
  • contractors' vehicles must have the correct insurance
  • all vehicles are inspected at our transport garage. or are subject to a Ministry of Transport test approval
  • all vehicles are liable to random inspections, by our specialist transport staff, to ensure they continue to meet standards of safety and reliability

Comments or concerns

For a complaint or concern relating to the operational service provided for ASN transport, for example:

  • conduct of driver/escort
  • timekeeping
  • changes of drivers, escorts and vehicles

parents/carers should email Corporate Transport Hub or phone on 01294 541613 in the first instance.


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