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Community based adult learning

Community based adult learning covers a variety of learning opportunities. Learning is built around the experience and needs of the learners and is underpinned by the 3 core principles of:

  • learning is lifelong - beginning in the Early Years and covering the whole age span of post-compulsory education
  • adult learning is life-wide - it covers all aspects of life – personal, work, family and community
  • adult learning is learner-centred - the educational process builds around the interests and motives of the learner

We offer daytime and evening courses in venues across North Ayrshire.

Community based adult learning can help you to:

  • develop relationships and networks
  • improve mental wellbeing
  • improve health and wellbeing
  • develop cultural awareness
  • improve communication skills
  • improve language skills
  • develop creative skills
  • improve confidence
  • improve literacy and core skills

Employability courses

We work with partners and organisations to deliver employability support. We provide opportunities for learners to achieve stronger employability outcomes. Our FREE employability courses include:

  • CV preparation
  • interview skills
  • sector specific
  • getting back to work

Literacy and numeracy

We offer support to read, write, and use numbers to handle information, communicate, express ideas and opinions, make decisions and solve problems, as family members, workers, citizens and lifelong learners. Our locality teams will work with you to find out what you want from learning and the best way of achieving this. For more information, please email your locality team:


The Multiply team helps people boost their ability to use maths/numeracy in their daily life, at home and work. Numeracy groups offer help with:

  • everyday maths
  • homework
  • qualifications
  • finances
  • budgeting

Available to anyone in North Ayrshire aged 19 years and older. To request a referral email Adult Learning.

English for speakers of other languages (ESOL)

Our New Scots team delivers ESOL activities and learning and provides support for ESOL learners to:

  • become active members of our community
  • build social relationships
  • improve participation

Gaelic language and culture

North Ayrshire Council offers Gaelic language classes at a variety of levels. Classes are offered both in person and via an online platform.

Regular one-off events are offered for those interested in learning more about the Gaelic language and culture. These include taster sessions, immersion events, talks and presentations. 

For more information on Gaelic classes or events email Adult Learning.