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Pet shop licence

To keep and run a pet shop or commercially sell pet animals, you need this licence. The Law is in the Animals Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (Scotland) Regulations 2021 which is at:

These Regulations cover 6 different licensed activities involving animals. Selling pets is "Activity A".

How to apply

Complete and return a Pet Shop Application Form (Word, 94kb).


All fees can be found on our fees webpage.

Please include the fee with your completed application form. Cheques made payable to North Ayrshire Council. If an application is refused or granted for a shorter period than applied for, the fee will not be refunded or reduced.

What happens next?

We'll inspect your proposed premises to make sure they meet required standards.

Applications are advertised on this website to allow members of the public to make objections or representations.

How long does the licence last?

If granted, this licence lasts for 1 year from the date of issue and can be renewed.

Does the licence have any conditions?

The licence will have the council's Standard Conditions. In some cases the council may apply special conditions appropriate to your particular circumstances.

Any conditions which apply to you will be set out in the licence document you will be given. If these are broken, the licence holder can be charged by Police Scotland and the Licensing Committee can suspend the licence after a hearing. You will be invited to such a hearing and will be able to speak to the committee.

By law, you cannot sell animals without a licence number. The law prevents any animal being sold from any place other than licensed premises. To obtain this licence the following conditions must be met:

  • animals will be kept in suitable accommodation, with regards to temperature, size, lighting, ventilation and cleanliness
  • adequate food and drink will be provided to the animals and they will be visited at suitable intervals
  • no mammalian animals will be sold too young
  • all reasonable precautions are taken to prevent and control the spread of diseases amongst the animals
  • adequate fire and emergency provisions are in place

It is illegal to sell pets to children under the age of 12.

Please note: We follow National Fraud Initiative guidelines to protect against fraud.