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Foodbanks and community larders


North Ayrshire Foodbank provides guidance on:

  • how to get help
  • visiting a foodbank
  • foodbank vouchers

Also included is the location of foodbanks across North Ayrshire and foodbank FAQs.

Helping a foodbank

If you would like to help a foodbank in North Ayrshire by:

  • donating money
  • donating food
  • volunteering
  • partnering with them

Please visit North Ayrshire Foodbanks Give Help page.

Community larders

There are currently 15 established community larders operating throughout mainland North Ayrshire. Food support on the Islands has been coordinated locally.

Our community larders are open to individuals and families in need. Available products may vary from larder to larder, but generally you will find:

  • fresh fruit/vegetables
  • tinned meat
  • tinned goods
  • personal hygiene products

Becoming a member

Community larders normally require a membership to help manage stock levels.

The membership process and fee associated with it varies from larder to larder. You should contact them for more information, please see our finding a community larder section below.

Finding a community larder