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Citizenship ceremony

Each year we welcome many new British Citizens into our community.

Successful applicants for British Citizenship will receive an invitation from the Home Office to attend a Citizenship Ceremony.

Our Saltcoats Registration Office will be in contact once they receive your Certificate to take further details and advise of the next citizenship ceremony date. 

You're expected to have your citizenship ceremony within 3 months of receiving citizenship.

What to expect

Ceremonies are conducted by a Registrar or Assistant Registrar. Each new citizen will have the choice to swear, or affirm, an oath of allegiance to the Crown and make a pledge to uphold the values and laws of the UK. Citizenship Ceremonies are not open to the public, however you can bring up to 4 guests.

You'll be presented with a welcome pack containing:

  • your Citizenship Certificate
  • an application form to join the Register of Electors

Visit our Facebook page for Citizenship Ceremony photos.

Applying for British Citizenship

Before you apply to become a British Citizen you'll have to either:

In exceptional cases, you may not have to do the above, normally for applicants aged 65 years or over. Contact the Home Office for more information.

Once you have passed your test or course, you can proceed to your application.


Contact Registrations




01294 310000 

01770 600338 - Arran Office


Registration offices