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Improvements to council houses

North Ayrshire Council has ongoing plans to carry out improvement works such as:

  • re-wiring
  • central heating installations 
  • replacement kitchens and bathrooms.

Independent surveys tell us what work is needed to meet minimum standards. Tenants will receive notice of when works are to take place.

Who carries out improvements

Housing Repairs deal with the installation of:

  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • windows

To ask about survey or installation dates, change an appointment, or make an enquiry or complaint, call 01294 310000.

Contractors carry out:

  • roofing
  • rendering
  • rewiring
  • central heating installations

Questions or complaints should be made by calling 01294 310000.

Planned maintenance

Our properties are included in a rolling programme of general maintenance to the outside of the property.

Housing inspectors identify maintenance requirements by carrying out walkabouts. This may include repairing/renewing doors, clothes poles, guttering or slabs. 

Our annual estate based project scheme carries out installations such as dusk to dawn lights and metal fencing. Tenants can ask for improvements to their area through this scheme. To find out more contact your housing office.

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