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Temporary accommodation

We provide advice, help and support to people who live in homeless temporary accommodation in North Ayrshire. 

We will help you take control of issues which may appear overwhelming. We will guide you through the homeless process. We can direct you to other agencies if necessary.

Our aim is to help develop the skills you need to keep your own tenancy and avoid becoming homeless in the future. If you are assessed as being homeless, we will arrange temporary accommodation for you. Once booked into your accommodation, a housing support worker will visit you within 3 working days.

What is temporary accommodation and where is this likely to be?

Temporary accommodation is offered to anyone who has nowhere to live within North Ayrshire. This consists of 2 hostels - Ardrossan Short Stay Hostel and Green Street project, Saltcoats.

We also have some temporary furnished tenancies throughout North Ayrshire. We may offered you hostel accommodation before moving you to temporary furnished accommodation. We will try to provide accommodation in an area suitable to you, taking individual circumstances into account.

The time spent in temporary accommodation depends on individual circumstances. We try to keep the time that anyone spends in temporary accommodation to a minimum.

What will temporary accommodation cost?

You will be responsible for paying Council Tax.

If you are in receipt of state benefit, you would be eligible for Housing Benefit depending on your circumstances.

If you are employed, you will be eligible to pay rent and may be entitled to help with Housing Benefit. This would be means tested against your income. We will discuss this at your housing options interview.

How long will it take for the Council to rehouse me?

Our investigation to decide how we can help you should not take longer than 28 days. It is difficult to give an exact timescale as it depends on how many properties we have available.

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