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Petroleum storage

Retail & dispensing premises storage

If you are the owner of dispensing premises where petrol is kept you need to hold a Petroleum Storage Certificate (PSC).

To comply with regulations, please see:

The PSC for your dispensing premises is issued by the local Petroleum Enforcement Authority (PEA). In North Ayrshire, this is North Ayrshire Council’s Trading Standards Service.

Once issued, a PSC remains in force until either:

  • major changes take place, or
  • the site ceases to operate for a period of more than 12 months

Apply for a Petroleum Storage Certificate

Petrol Storage Certificates can be purchased for a period covering 1 to 10 years.

Complete a Petroleum Storage Certificate application


Fees are calculated according to the maximum litreage of petrol stored at the site.

Fees are non refundable.

Annual petroleum fees
Amount of petroleumCost per year
Less than 2,500 litres £48
2,500 to 50,000 litres £65
More than 50,000 litres £137

What happens next?

Once we receive an application, we’ll arrange to carry out an inspection on the proposed premises to make sure they meet the required standards. You will then be invoiced upon acceptance of your application.

Premises will be subject to routine inspections throughout the term of your Petroleum Certificate.

Petroleum Keepers must ensure that the Petroleum Storage Certificate conditions are met at all times, to ensure safety at all sites where petroleum spirit is delivered, stored and/or dispensed.

Domestic and non-workplace storage

Storing up to 30 litres

An individual can store up to 30 litres of petrol at home or at non-workplace premises without informing the local PEA.

You can store it in:

The Health and Safety Executive provides more information on Petrol Storage.

Storing between 30 and 275 litres

An individual can store more than 30 litres, but not more than 275 litres, provided that the local PEA has been notified.

Complete a Petrol Storage Notification form

Storage requirements for up to 275 litres

If you are storing up to 275 litres of petrol at home, or at a club or association, storage requirements are as follows:

  • petrol is not stored in living accommodation
  • petrol is not dispensed (pumped from a storage tank, manually or electrically) at the storage place
  • if the storage place is not in the open air, you need a direct exit to the open air and ventilation to this exit
  • take all reasonable precautions in the storage place to prevent sources of ignition, or heat, that would be able to ignite the petrol, or its vapour
  • do not use petrol in the storage place other than:
    • in the fuel tank of any internal combustion engine; and
    • in quantities (not exceeding 150 millilitres at any one time), for cleaning or as a solvent for repair purposes

For more information, or guidance, regarding petroleum storage please contact us.


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