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Stop unwanted mail and block nuisance calls

Stop unwanted mail 

Follow these steps to reduce the mail you receive (steps 2, 3, 4 are the most effective and less time consuming than 1, 5).

1. Write to sender

For mail addressed to 'The Occupier' or personally addressed from companies that you already deal with. Write to, or email, the company to advise that you no longer wish to receive material from them.

2. Register with the Mailing Preference Service

This can reduce the amount of personally addressed direct mail you receive by up to 85%. It can take up to 4 months to have full effect, but most people see a difference after 30 days.

This will only reduce direct mailings to your name and address. Others living in your household will have to register separately. Register at: www.mpsonline.org.uk or call: 0845 703 4599 for more information.

3. Register with Your Choice and opt out of the Royal Mail's Door to Door service.

The number of unaddressed mail, such as flyers, circulars and supermarket leaflets, can be reduced by registering with the Your Choice preference service and by opting out of the Royal Mail's Door to Door service.

For more information about Your Choice contact the Direct Marketing Association by email or call: 020 7291 3300.

For an opt out form for the Royal Mail's Door to Door service visit: www.royalmail.com, email: optout@royalmail.com or call: 08457 950 950.

4. Opt out of the edited version of the electoral register

The edited register is available for sale and can be used for direct marketing activities. Choose not to be included in the edited version by ticking the opt out box when registering to vote. For more information visit the electoral commission website.

5. Use online services

Switch to online services. Ask to stop receiving paper bills and statements. Contact your service providers for details.

Nuisance calls

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) information on what to do about nuisance calls.

Call blockers can be purchased at many high street stores.