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Feed business approval or registration

Animal Feed Stuff businesses cannot operate in North Ayrshire without either registration or approval.

Do I need to register?

Under Feed Hygiene Regulations 183/2005, the following feed businesses must be registered:

  • any operation of production, manufacturing, processing, storage, transport or distribution of animal feed, whether for profit or not and whether public or private
  • any business producing, processing or storing feed for animals on their holding

This includes feed importers, manufacturers, sellers, transporters of feed (for example haulage companies), businesses storing feed, and food companies selling co-products for use as feed.

How to apply

Complete the Food Standards Scotland Feed Registration and Approval Application

For more information on registering please email Food Standards Scotland or phone 0330 912 0377.

Do I need approval?

In general, businesses will only need to be approved if carrying out higher risk operations such as:

  • manufacturing or importing certain ingredients (for example specified feed additives, veterinary/medicinal products)
  • activities such as the manufacture and marketing of certain feed additives or pre-mixtures of feed additives

How long does approval last?

If granted, there is no time limit on registrations or approvals.

Assessments and inspections

In the case of a registration, you won’t usually be visited before a registration is issued. An inspection of your premises will usually be conducted within 1 year of registering. This will be carried out by an officer from North Ayrshire Council Trading Standards, not Food Standards Scotland.

If you require approval a visit will be needed to carry out an inspection. This may be conducted by either North Ayrshire Council Trading Standards or Food Standards Scotland.

Feed businesses must comply with the conditions set out in the annexes to Regulation 183/2005. For example, feed businesses (such as feed importers, manufacturers, sellers, and haulage companies), businesses storing feed, and food companies selling co-products for use as feed, must comply with the conditions in Annex II which cover:

  • facilities and equipment
  • personnel
  • production
  • quality control
  • storage
  • transport
  • record keeping

The Annex conditions are available at Feed Hygiene Regulations 183/2005.

Food Standards Scotland has all Animal Feed Regulations available to view. 


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