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Play parks

There are currently 95 play parks in North Ayrshire including Arran and Millport.

Some playparks have specially adapted equipment for greater accessibility. This will be rolled out more widely in the near future.

Find a play park

You can find your nearest North Ayrshire Council play park location using the map below:

Please note: This map only includes play parks owned by the Council.

Keeping our play parks safe

If you notice any damaged or vandalised equipment in our play parks, please let us know:

Report damaged play park equipment

Weekly inspections are carried out on all play equipment in the parks, along with fencing and surfaces.

Repairs are carried out if necessary during an inspection, or appropriate action is taken to reduce risk until it can be repaired.

We also bring in an external inspector every year to carry out full inspections, which helps us keep play parks in good condition.

Reporting an incident

If a minor incidents has taken place within one of our play parks, you can:

Report a play park incident

The type of incidents that can recorded on our form are minor slips, trips, falls and bumps. It is advisable to seek medical assistance for head knocks or if you are concerned about lasting pain or discomfort.

For serious incidents, please call 999 and request assistance from the emergency services.

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