Support with parenting

In North Ayrshire, we want everyone in a parenting role to feel supported. Caring for a child can be rewarding but sometimes it may be challenging.

Triple P and Incredible Years® Parenting Groups

We run Triple P and Incredible Years® groups for parents of children aged 2 to 12 years of age.

These programmes are designed to build parenting skills and improve child behaviour. Weekly sessions focus on; parent-child interactions, positive strategies for good behaviour and managing challenging behaviour.

  • Triple P® - 8 week programme, consisting of 5 weekly sessions and 3 weekly phone calls with the group leader - Triple P video
  • Incredible Years - 14 week programme, of weekly sessions - Incredible Years video

To take part, contact your Health Visitor or Early Years Centre.

PEEP workshops

PEEP workshops encourage parents and carers to try out activities to support their baby's and child's learning in every day situations. Learn about:

  • song, stories and rhyme
  • literacy, numeracy, sensory, health and wellbeing, brain development
  • stimulating learning within the home using every day objects

Groups are open to every family within the community.

Check with your nearest Early Years Centre for dates and times.

Infant massage

Our trained facilitators offer 5 week courses, teaching infant massage. Sessions are aimed at babies from birth. Massage can:

  • help babies feel secure and relaxed
  • provide relief from wind, colic and constipation
  • promote sleep routines
  • help to calm and relax parents or carers

More information

For more information about groups running in North Ayrshire: