Bullying in schools

What is bullying?

Bullying can be abuse or harassment of varying kinds including name calling, threats and physical violence.

Report bullying

If your child is the victim of bullying at school, you and your child should report the incident to your child's teacher or another member of staff.

The school will investigate and gather evidence of the bullying that has gone on. They will do all they can to find a lasting solution.

Our anti-bullying policy

Our anti-bullying policy aims to ensure all North Ayrshire schools quickly and effectively deal with incidents of bullying. Our schools work to the following core anti-bullying procedures:

  1. Educational establishments should develop a culture based on the values of wisdom, justice, compassion and integrity.
  2. Any allegation of bullying should be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly.
  3. Appropriate action should be taken to resolve incidents in both the short and long term interests of the alleged victim.

Ask for help

These websites offer advice on coping with and reporting bullying:

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