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Health, Safety and Employee Welfare

North Ayrshire Council is committed to being an excellent employer and to ensuring that its employees and communities are safe and protected. The council is committed to:

  • promoting equal opportunity
  • combating social exclusion 
  • providing first rate support for employee welfare. 

The support available includes the policies, procedures and guidance highlighted below. 

Alcohol & other Addictions Support

North Ayrshire Council recognises that alcohol/drug/solvent related problems and gambling addictions are areas of health and social concern and can have an adverse effect on employment. The council aims to ensure that all employees are made aware of the dangers of alcohol, drug misuse and gambling addiction, and that our employees are encouraged to seek help and guidance on how to deal with these issues. 

Domestic Abuse Support

Domestic abuse is unacceptable and inexcusable. For many victims of domestic abuse there is no escape, even when they go to work. North Ayrshire Council is committed to assisting and supporting any employees, both male and female, who are experiencing domestic abuse. The Domestic Abuse Policy (PDF, 426kb) provides a framework of support for any employees who are victims of domestic abuse. 

Employee Health & Safety

The council’s corporate Health & Safety team provides support across a spectrum of areas, including:

  • Stress Management
  • Fire Safety
  • Lone Working
  • Risk Assessment
  • Audits
  • Incident Investigation.

As an employer, North Ayrshire Council is responsible for setting the direction of effective health and safety management, and for developing and approving the Corporate Health, Safety & Wellbeing policy (PDF, 351kb).

Occupational Health

The council’s Occupational Health service is the main source of support for our employees. Employees can self-refer, or be referred by their manager. If an employee is referred to Occupational Health by their manager, both employee and manager receive a report providing guidance on any supports available.