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Complaints performance and improvements

Complaint Performance Data

You said, we did

Below are some examples of your comments and how we responded:

A driver complained about road works at a roundabout where the diversion took them up a rural road.

The matter was investigated, and the driver advised that there were signs advising the road was closed. More signage had also been erected since the works had started. The driver commented that a ‘local access only’ sign could have been erected. This suggestion is being considered for future works planned at this location.

A tenant complained about flooding in their front garden due to a grille. This caused disruption to the tenant and immediate neighbours.

The complaint was investigated, and the grille meets regulatory requirements. However, the Council will replace it with an improved design that is less likely to trap material. The Council will also increase the monitoring regime carried out by the on-site staff.

A gas boiler broke down and the tenant had difficulty contacting the correct department to arrange a repair.

As a result of the complaint, the contractor will provide clearly marked emergency contact details on their new installations. Also, the Council’s Contact Centre will be provided with correct out of hours emergency contact details for the contractor to ensure notifications of callouts are routed correctly. These actions now mean the contractor will be better placed to quickly spot and fix faults. 

A complainant raised an issue regarding information about household income contained in Tax Credit Award correspondence.

As a result of the complainant’s concerns the Council will review the contact around Tax Credit Award Notices. Apt changes will be made to wording to make clear to parents how to get household income details.

A resident booked a special uplift which was logged against an incorrect address.

An investigation determined that the resident’s customer record showed a previous address. The system was updated to reflect the new address. The special uplift items were removed, and an apology offered to the complainant. As a result of this complaint, consideration is being given to including the address of the special uplift when uplift confirmation emails are issued to customers.

A contractor engineer visited a Council property to change an external gas box but did not inform the occupants of their arrival. 

As a result, the contractor has introduced a process where engineers will advise occupants they have turned up to complete work, including if only outside access is required. 

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