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Complaints performance and improvements

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You said/We did
As a result of complaints from some residents that their waste bins had been emptied but left in positions that was blocking driveways/pavements, a process was introduced with collection crews to ensure waste bins were replaced appropriately.
A tenant’s new heating system developed a fault and a delay occurred due to issues contacting the contractor to agree repairs. An apology was offered for the delay and a process introduced whereby changes to the contractor’s contact details will be cascaded to all relevant teams, including the Contact Centre.  
A customer requested a form to apply for Universal Credit but was issued with an incorrect form which delayed the application. An apology was offered to the customer and remedial training provided to the team.  A checking process was also introduced to ensure correct application forms are issued when requested. 
A customer complained that a document had been handed into a Customer Service Centre (CSC) but had not been scanned and forwarded to the relevant department. An apology was offered, and a process introduced so when a document is scanned a check is made to ensure the scan has been saved before allowing the customer to leave the CSC. The original documents are also being retained for one month should any issues arise with the scans being received by the relevant department.
As a result of incorrect letters being issued to customers requesting payment for outstanding Council Tax, the recovery process was reviewed, and additional checks and parameters adopted to ensure such letters are suppressed in future.
A number of Housing Association tenants in a new development complained that their waste bins were not being serviced and they were having to contact the Council regularly requesting collection. A Council Officer contacted the tenants to explain the bins were not being emptied due to access issues with construction vehicles in the area and a process introduced where these particular waste bins would be collected earlier in the day to avoid construction traffic. It was also arranged for the Housing Association to issue letters to their tenants informing them of the new process.
A customer raised a concern with the quality of grass cutting in an area where rubbish had been cut along with the grass. The area was inspected, and it was agreed the debris presented a risk to dogs. As a result, the operatives in that area were instructed to inspect their work and raise any issues with grass cutting that could present a safety risk.

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