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Complaints performance and improvements
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Complaints performance and improvements

Complaint Performance Data

You said, we did

Some examples of your comments and how we responded
You said/We did
A resident did not receive a letter advising their bin collection days were changing as part of the Waste Services collection changes on 1 April 2019.  As a result, the resident received a personal visit, an apology and the appropriate literature was provided.  The technical team that performed the mailshot was also advised so there are no further errors regarding future mailshots for the customer.
A complaint was received due to someone tripping over the bollard of an empty car pool space at one of the Council’s buildings.  An apology was offered and a reminder issued to all members of the Council’s Car Club service regarding how and when to use the bollards. 
A complaint was received as a library visitor was rebuked for using the fire exit door to leave the building due to an emergency.  As a result, proper signage will be displayed to ensure employees and visitors know when the fire exit door should be used. 
As rubbish was blown into a river when the river bank was being cleared by a Council operative, a communication was issued to operatives advising they must manually sweep the bottom section of pathways so leaves and litter do not accumulate at river edges.
Road resurfacing works started one day early, causing problems for the street's residents.  Whilst there was a valid reason for the works being brought forward, the project team responsible for the works will ensure any future changes are notified to affected residents prior to the changes taking place.
A customer made us aware of an issue with how the icalendar data was loaded in Outlook.  An alternative mechanism for loading the calendar in Outlook was identified, documented and shared with the customer.  This document can also be shared with anyone else who encounters the same issue.
A complaint was received about a lack of disabled parking bays at a Community Facility.  As a result, the traffic order will be reviewed and an application made to acknowledge all disabled bays.  An order will also be raised through procurement to introduce appropriate signage at the area.

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