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Complaints performance and improvements

Complaint Performance Data

You said, we did

Some examples of your comments and how we responded
You saidWe did
There were too many options to choose from when using the freephone in the Customer Service Centre We reduced the options and added speed dials
You were unhappy with the process when scaffolding was to be erected outside your property (in preparation of works to be carried out) Procedures will be reviewed by our roofing/render contractor. The Contract Officer will consider the practicality of including the scaffolding delivery date in the notification letter
Employees sometimes provided incorrect information We delivered additional training and briefing sessions
Waiting times when calling the Contact Centre or visiting the Customer Service Centre in Irvine were too long A new telephony system has been introduced that has reduced call waiting and handling times. The Irvine Customer Service Centre introduced dedicated service desks for certain enquires, which has improved customer flow and reduced waiting times
Some NAC tenants were experiencing persistent problems with blocked drains at their properties We published an article in the Tenancy Matters magazine on how to avoid blocked drains. We'll investigate cases where drains are continually blocked
When work is carried out that requires scaffolding, elderly or infirm tenants have difficulty putting their bins out for collection If erected scaffolding makes it awkward for elderly or infirm tenants to position waste bins themselves, the Roofing/Render contractor will do this
Not all Gas Contractor appointments are advised before work starts Saltire, the NAC gas contractor, has been instructed to ensure all tenants are informed of appointments prior to works taking place
You weren't happy with having to call 0845 numbers to access council services We changed to a single local number 01294 310000

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