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North Ayrshire Council procures; goods, services and works. Our Corporate Procurement Unit (CPU) works to ensure that purchases are:

  • economically advantageous
  • legal
  • fair
  • safe
  • open and transparent

Our vision is to be 'recognised as a leading public sector procurement body, working collaboratively to support the local economy'.

All requirements over:

  • £50,000 for supplies and services
  • £100,000 for works

are advertised on the national Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) portal. It is free to register to receive email alerts of public sector opportunities. 

What is a contract?

A contract is an agreement between North Ayrshire Council and a supplier, or number of suppliers, so that they become the sole providers of particular supplies, services or works (commodities) for the duration of the contract.

Not everything is contracted. Whether a contract is put in place depends on how much money the council will spend on that commodity over the year, or lifetime of a project, and whether this amount reaches a legally binding threshold, at which point a contract must be put in place.

The length of contract and how many suppliers receive a contract for the requirement depends on the requirement and number of suitable tenders received. A contract with multiple suppliers is known as a 'Framework Agreement'.

Why do we use contracts?

North Ayrshire Council uses contracts to secure best value. We make sure that:

  • items are fit for purpose
  • prices are reasonable
  • suppliers have relevant levels of insurance, financial stability and Health and Safety policies,

this protects the interests of the residents of North Ayrshire as well as North Ayrshire Council.

Which companies are awarded contracts?

Companies of all sizes have secured contracts with North Ayrshire Council. Companies tendering should remember to:

  • complete information requested thoroughly
  • ensure they meet the minimum criteria described in the tender
  • ask questions via the PCS website if anything is unclear
  • return all documentation via the Public Contracts Scotland website in advance of the deadline.

Low value requirements


  • supplies and services between £10,000 and £50,000
  • works between £10,000 and £100,000

quotes are obtained though PCS Quick Quote. Suppliers must be registered with PCS to be considered.

European Single Procurement Document (ESPD)

An ESPD allows the council to assess a bidder's capacity, and capability, to carry out a contract.

An ESPD is used:

  • before the issue of an invitation to tender for a 2 stage tender process, as part of the selection process
  • within the invitation to tender as part of a 1 stage tender process, evaluated as a minimum requirement.  

Monitoring our procurement performance

Our Procurement Strategy (PDF, 482kb) outlines the main objectives of the CPU until 2020.

The CPU is assessed annually, by Scotland Excel. 

Contact Procurement




  • Supplies and services: 01294 324015
  • Construction and facilities management: 01294 324547
  • Service design and procurement (Health and Social Care Partnership): 01294 317785