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Firework dealer's licences

There are 2 types of licence for dealing in fireworks:

  1. Storage licence: this is required by anyone who intends to store or sell any kind of firework at any time of year.
  2. Supply licence: this is required by anyone who intends to supply fireworks.

You do not need a Supply licence (but you still need a Storage licence) if you only sell fireworks at the following times of year:

  • the 1st day of Chinese New Year and the 3 days immediately preceding it
  • the 1st day of Diwali and the 3 days immediately preceding it
  • from 15 October to 10 November
  • from 26 December to 31 December

You do not need a Supply licence (but you still need a Storage licence) for caps, cracker snaps, novelty matches, party poppers, serpents, sparklers or throw-downs or if you only supply fireworks to 1 of the following:

  • a business which sells fireworks
  • a professional organiser of firework displays
  • a business which transports fireworks

Apply for a storage licence

Complete and return a Fireworks Storage application form (Word, 238kb)


Fees are set by the Government in the Health & Safety (Fees) Regulations 2010.

Restricted licence

Net explosive quantity of fireworks to be stored:

Under 250kg
  • fees range from £108 to £236, depending on term and whether new or renewal

Payable by credit or debit card, cash, or cheque payable to 'North Ayrshire Council'.

If your application is refused or granted for a shorter period than you applied, the fee will not be refunded or reduced.

Supply Licence

Supply Licences are not issued to anyone who does not have a Storage Licence.

Please note: Supply licences are only issued in very limited circumstances, primarily to accommodate:

  • public displays for national public celebrations
  • public displays for commemoration events
  • the use of fireworks for the promotion of business in North Ayrshire

Contact us for advice about Firework Supply Licences.

What happens next?

We will consult with Trading Standards and arrange to carry out an inspection on your proposed premises, if applicable, to make sure they meet the required standards.

If there is any comment from Trading Standards, or the public, your application will be referred to the Licensing Committee for a decision. If the Committee decides to have a hearing, you will be invited to attend and speak to the Committee. Most applications don't require a hearing and are granted by council officers.

How long does the licence last?

If granted, firework storage and supply licences last for up to 5 years from the date of issue.

What does the law say?

To legally sell fireworks you must display a large notice reminding customers about the law with regards to underage sales and possession of fireworks. Boxes of fireworks must not be split and sold separately. All fireworks for public sale are required by law to be CE marked.

If you don't comply with these rules you could be fined up to £5,000 or imprisoned for 6 months.

More information

For more information on storing and selling fireworks, visit:

Please note: We follow National Fraud Initiative guidelines to protect against fraud.

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