What you need to do

Before the collection service starts

A member of the Commercial Waste Team will liaise with your business to assess and agree your needs.

You must complete and sign a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note and Service Agreement. 

Charges are one month in advance. Services are VAT free. We issue a monthly invoice, calculated according to:

  • size of bin supplied
  • frequency of collection.

Every organisation and business has a legal responsibility or a Duty of Care for waste they generate. 

Access arrangements

A kerbside collection is provided and bins should be made available and presented appropriately.  Access should be available for collection vehicles and operatives at collection times. This includes the unlocking of gates or doors before collection. Pavements or roadways should not be blocked.

If needed, a temporary 'no parking – keep clear – refuse collection access' sign or similar should be displayed in a prominent position. There may be an additional charge where access is not available and a return visit is needed to complete collection.

Your business should keep the vehicular access surface, container storage and loading route surfaces as a hard standing of good condition, free from ruts, potholes and other obstacles which may impede the safe movement of the collection vehicle and / or container. Your business shall indemnify the council against any damage its collection vehicle may cause to property if the vehicle is required to enter to empty your company’s container(s).

Management of your commercial waste 

Your business should introduce a system to internally separate waste. All containers should be clearly labelled. Internal separation helps minimise contamination of external containers. Your waste contractor may refuse to collect contaminated waste.

Commercial Waste 5

Create a Waste Management Folder. This should contain:

  • training details including an induction pack for new staff
  • Waste Transfer Notes (WTN’s) and retain for at least two years
  • details of your waste contractor and waste collection days