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Trade waste collection

We operate a kerbside wheeled bin system for the collection of commercial waste. It is the responsibility of the business to ensure that containers are available for collection. Appropriate containers to store waste can be purchased.

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Right Stuff in the Right Bin

We don't collect

Commercial Waste 3a

  • cooking oil
  • animal by-products
  • asbestos
  • poisonous/noxious/toxic or other hazardous material

For guidance on business waste prevention and disposal, please contact us.


Commercial Waste 3b

Bins with recyclables or food waste that are contaminated with non-recyclable items will not be collected. A red tag will be attached to your bin to explain why it has not been emptied. These items should be removed and the bin and tag should be presented for the next collection.


Only wheeled containers approved by the Council can be used for the storage and waste collection services. Containers should not be overfilled and lids should be closed.

Your business will be responsible for repair, maintenance or renewal of containers. This includes normal wear and tear during provision of the service.

Wheeled containers available
Wheeled bin size Price per collection  Approx. capacity in sacks Dimensions (mm) (approx.) Height x width x depth
140 litre P.O.A 1 - 2 1060 x 505 x 555
240 litre P.O.A 2 - 3 1060 x 580 x 740
360 litre P.O.A 4 - 5  1120 x 600 x 850
660 litre P.O.A 9 - 11 1370 x 1250 x 720
1100 litre P.O.A 12 - 15 1400 x 1200 x 1080
1280 litre P.O.A 16 - 18 1470 x 1260 x 985

Bin lid locks

Commercial 660, 1100 and 1280 litre wheeled bins are fitted with a lid lock as standard. We don't provide locks for 140, 240 and 360 litre plastic wheeled bins. Locks can be purchased from a number of online suppliers. Please note that bins must be unlocked on collection day.

Trade waste recycling

A blue bin collection service is available for recycling. All items must be clean and free from food residue:

  • cans - steel and aluminium food/drink cans
  • aluminium foil/trays
  • cardboard
  • paper - office and computer paper, telephone directories, envelopes, newspapers, magazines, junk mail
  • Tetra Pak - juice/soup cartons
  • plastic bottles - plastic containers for milk, soft drinks, cooking oil, washing-up liquid, detergent
  • glass containers/bottles

A Food Waste Service is available, and compulsory, to any business producing more than 5kg of food waste per week (not currently available in Arran).

Household Waste Recycling Centres are not open to businesses.

Prepaid waste recycling sacks

Prepaid commercial waste recycling sacks are available for businesses that have no space to store bins safely.

The colour coded sacks can be used for: 

  • mixed recycling – see 'Trade waste recycling' section above
  • general waste – non-recyclable material

No other sacks will be collected.

Prices are available on request and include the cost of collection and processing of waste.

Commercial white goods 

Contact us for a quote to remove white goods (cookers, fridges and freezers) used in business premises.