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Repurposing Property Grant Fund (RPGF)

The Repurposing Property Grant Fund was created to help support landowners and community groups to bring back vacant land and properties to use.

It is another strand of the ambitious Community Wealth Building Strategy and Regeneration Delivery Plan – where the Council work more closely than ever with community groups to make the most of local assets – and long-term plans to regenerate the area.

The aims of the fund are to:

  • enable or support the repair or redevelopment of vacant land and buildings
  • act as a catalyst to promote future investment from the private sector and external funding
  • safeguard the future of prominent buildings by indicating how high-quality conversion may be achieved
  • enable the Council to map development potential and barriers to development

Stage 1 

Supports property owners or community groups to carry out feasibility studies to identify potential options for the sites and their viability. 

A maximum of £10,000 is available for sites under one hectare and a maximum of £25,000 for larger sites.

Applications to the fund will be assessed against a range of factors. This includes the length of time vacant or derelict, whether or not they are recorded on the national Vacant and Derelict Land or Buildings at Risk registers and their proximity to town centres. Subject to the level of interest, the spread of funding across localities and owners will be considered. This is to reflect the geographical focus of the funding programmes contributing to the overall Fund.

The stage 1 guidance and application documents are available for download.

Stage 1 awards

Stage 1 awards
Site GrantStatus 
The Flask, Saltcoats £6,000 In progress
16 to 18 Dockhead Street, Saltcoats £5,000  In progress
2 Townhead, Kilbirnie £22,938 In progress
Whitehouse Woods, Lamlash £20,346 Complete
Hunterston Road, West Kilbride £4,450 Complete
Harbour Street, Saltcoats £3,250 Complete
Geilsland House, Beith £19,924 In progress
5 to 9 Quay Street, Saltcoats £8,050 In progress
Millport Chapel, Beith £16,662 In progress
Douglas Park Coach House, Largs £3,420 Complete
Site BP9, Riverside Business Park, Irvine £24,975 In progress
Barrmill Community Centre, Barmill £9,996 In progress
Main Street, West Kilbride £4,260 In progress

The total value of grants awarded is £149,271.

Stage 2

Stage 2 of the fund is now open to applications from property owners for more detailed project development works. The second stage of the Repurposing Property Grant Fund will help support landowners prepare detailed designs, obtain necessary consents, confirm costs and to identify sources of funding. The stage 2 will build upon the feasibility works undertaken at stage 1.

An assessment process will be applied when considering applications. This is designed to prioritise applications relating to North Ayrshire Locality priorities, long-term vacant, and historic or prominent buildings sites in proximity to Town Centres. As with stage 1 awards a spread of funding across localities and owners will be considered.

A maximum grant of 50% of eligible costs is available, up to a maximum of £50,000 for sites over 0.1 hectares and a maximum £20,000 for sites under 0.1 hectares.

Advice on grant eligibility and any other RPGF queries should be discussed by emailing the Regeneration Team.

The stage 2 guidance and application documents are available for download.