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New parking rules

New Scotland wide parking legislation means it is illegal to:

  • double park
  • park on pavements
  • park at pedestrian, or cycle, crossing points 
  • park on road verge which lies between road and pavement

North Ayrshire Council will enforce these rules from 28 March 2024.

Parking rules make it safer for pedestrians and other road users by:

  • reducing potential danger to people crossing roads
  • removing blockages and hazards for people using pavements, including those using wheelchairs or other mobility devices, or pushing prams/buggies
  • reducing damage to surfaces which could result in trip hazards and expensive repairs

Parking Enforcement Officers have powers to issue Penalty Charge Notices to vehicles breaking the rules.

Police Scotland remains responsible for reportable traffic offences on all roads, such as dangerous parking or obstruction, and all other moving traffic offences.

Parking rules exemptions

Exemptions are only valid if specific criteria are met and there is no other reasonable parking available. Specific criteria mainly apply to the emergency services and medical practitioners in emergency situations. Find full details of the exemptions in the Transport (Scotland) Act 2019.

Not exempt from parking rules

Pedestrian crossing points

Pedestrian crossing points include:

  • pelican crossings
  • pedestrian islands
  • tactile paving at the end of a street
  • where a dropped crossing is directly opposite on the other side of the road

Street parking

Parking rules may initially cause disruption. Drivers may have to find parking in other locations.

In streets where parking may only be accommodated on one side of the road, consider:

  • the location of any disabled persons’ parking bays
  • bin hubs or other parking restrictions already in place

If you cannot park with all four wheels on the carriageway without blocking traffic, you must park elsewhere.

It is the responsibility of each driver to park their vehicle considerately, and where this would not cause an obstruction to other road users like:

  • emergency services
  • public transport
  • refuse vehicles

Report dangerous parking, or parking that has caused an obstruction to Police Scotland by calling 101. 


Parking rules do not apply to parking at driveways, garages, or property entrances. 

If there is already a restriction in place, like double yellow lines, this restriction still applies.

You should not park on the pavement outside a driveway, as this contravenes parking rules.

Double yellow lines

There are no current proposals to introduce additional double yellow lines, or other mitigation measures.

We will monitor the impact of the new parking rules and consider additional restrictions for traffic management or road safety if required. Any new restrictions will go through a legal process. This is called a Traffic Regulation Order and includes public consultation.

Illegal parking  

The Parking Enforcement Team is aware of where illegal parking occurs on the road network and pavements. These locations will receive regular, and proportionate, enforcement as operational commitments and available resources allow.