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Cycling and cycle paths

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In the UK nearly a quarter of all car journeys are under 2 miles, a distance that could be cycled in 15 minutes.

Cycling 5 miles, 4 times a week can cut the risks of coronary heart disease by up to half.

Where to go?

North Ayrshire is part of The National Cycle Network (NCN).

NCN is a network of over 12,000 miles of routes throughout the UK. This includes:

  • traffic-free paths
  • quiet roads and lanes
  • traffic calmed roads

NCN Route 7:

  • runs approximately north to south through North Ayrshire
  • passes through Irvine and Kilwinning 
  • runs close to Dalry and Kilbirnie

NCN 73:

  • runs approximately east to west from Kilmarnock in East Ayrshire to Ardrossan
  • connects Irvine, Kilwinning and the Three Towns

Both routes link further afield (to Glasgow and Ayr on NCN 7 and Brodick and Lochranza on the Island of Arran on NCN 73).

Leaflets for the following sections:  

More information

Our Core Paths Plan provides a network of paths for everyday journeys and recreation. Download leaflets from our walking page.

For cycle routes visit the Ayrshire Paths website.